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Vanessa Perske is a well established, self-taught Queensland artist with many of her works and commissions in private and corporate collections throughout Australia and Internationally and has recently branched out with representation in Japan.
Vanessa Perske, Australian Artist
Perske is known for her use of bright colours, whimsical style and energy she portrays in her painting. She is meticulous in the preparation of new work and can spend hours researching the subject and appropriate materials she will use together with an instinctive ability to perfectly compliment the colour palate for each piece.

From a very young age, Perske was attentive to the world around her. Things out of the ordinary have always appealed to her. As a young child, she would get so allured by the illustrations of children's picture books and she would unintentionally forget about the text and be absorbed by the artwork. More recently, she and her family spent around 10 months travelling around Australia, absorbing experiences and enriching Perske's creative palette with nature and colour. She was able to really grasp a hold of the freedom and flow of all the beauty that Australia has to offer and in turn use this new inspiration to enrich her work.

The sport of golf has been another large existence in Perske’s life. During her childhood, she lived a close proximity to a golf course. She was known to sneak off the course during mid competition and be found back at home drawing and painting. At age 10, she was awarded a primary school scholarship for her art and regularly excelled in state art competitions during her high schooling.

Having completed a Bachelor of Education degree, Perske had time away from her creative practice. After a few years of teaching in the classroom, she quickly realised that her passion remained with paint and canvas. She has followed that passion ever since and in 2009 she became a full time professional artist.

Since her move to The Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Perske’s fascination with nature and its complexity have become an emphasis in her work. This is reflected in new paintings through detail of texture, patterns and layering but she continues with her distinctive use of intense colour. Perske loves to capture animals, trees, flowers and unique objects that then make the viewers inquisitive of the paintings personalities or structures. For Perske, artwork must be joyful, colourful and really make you feel good when observed. Perske’s work is often described as versatile and adaptive. She loves to keep the spark in her creations and continuously evolve to maintain her enthusiasm and sense of fun. Perske now resides at the Sunshine Coast Hinterland town of Montville with her husband, Wayne, and two children. Perske has held four solo shows and twice entered the prestigious Archibald Prize.

Recognition & Exhibits

June 2019 “Red Dirt” Maleny Art Direct, Solo Exhibition
June 2017 “All Things Sacred” Art @ Links Hope Island, Gold Coast, Solo Exhibition
October 2016 “Locale” Art Exibition, Wynnum/Manly, compilation of 5 artists
July 2016 Manly Gallery Featured Artist Exhibition “When It Rains It Pours”
April 2016 Aspects Art Show Goondiwindi
May 2015 Art @ Links Hope Island Exhibition
Gold Coast Bulletin April 2015 “Art links wide selection of community”
Ocean Road Magazine May 2015 “It's all at the Links”
Channel 9’s Televison Program "Life Is Greener" September 2014
2014 Archibald Prize Entry “Adam Scott”
April 2014 Viva Le Femme Exhibition
2012 Archibald Prize Entry “Dick Johnson”
August 2012 Gainsborough Art Awards Shortlisted Finalist
August 2011 Gainsborough Art Awards
The Cootamundra Herald April 2017 “Where In The World Is Emu? Experiment “Artistic Bird In Town”
Quest Newspaper February 2017 “Where Is The Emu?”
Quest Newspaper October 2016 “Streets That Inspire”
Quest Newspapers August 2015 “Shy Peacock Taking Flight”
The editor Australian Golf Digest Sept 2014 'He's no oil painting, but Scotty makes a pretty good canvas’.
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