Vanessa Perske Paintings

Take a look at this HUGE commission!

The start of a HUGE commission. I thought I’ll take you through the process of what happens.
Step 1. Get canvas made up. This one is 2.7 meters long! 😮
Step 2. Sketch her up! I’m leaving everyone in suspense ☺️
Step 3. 1st layers…..

A woman’s work is never done! ☺️Well, I’ve skipped the photos of Step 4 & 5 or else I’ll blow the surprise. This involves painting the top layers of the painting and finishing details and then sealing the artwork.

Step 6 is framing her up! This is very hard on your own when you’re only 5 foot tall 😬
Step 7. The BIG reveal, the majestic humpback whale. 💙 This step involves packing him up and sending him on his way to his new Sydney home by art courier. He will hang landscape.

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